Throughout the history of mankind, plants have played a vital role for humanity’s health, so that there is no medicine from the pharmacopoeia that has not an active principle derived from a plant. In the spiritual world, everything is filled with life and is in motion. Plants and animals have collective spirits, one for each of them; unlike man, who has a spirit individually for each one of us. The collective spirits of plants and animals have wisdom and power since they are spirits of nature; for example: rivers, creeks, lagoons and mountains.

This is the basic knowledge that shaman men and women possess, who move along development grades of shamanic medicine in the world, and especially in the American continent. Our original ancestors from the Andes and Amazon had a profound knowledge on the power of plants and the special properties of each one of them. That's why we have to highlight the plants of power, especially mentioning the Ayahuasca, Aguacoya or San Pedro, Wilca, Coca, Iguamanzari and tobacco, among other sacred plants.

Whichever plant is used for healing, they have the power to lead us to other states of human conscience, of which almost all people are unaware. Through years of study and meditation, and an adequate relationship with the elements of the universe and their guardian spirits, we can realize and feel the subtle world that encircles us all. There are energies and spiritual laws that interact and affect our lives; even though we cannot see them it does not mean that they are not present. The law of cause and effect, just like gravity, radio and TV signals are a very simple example of this.

The ancestral shamanic medicine tells us that diseases of the physical body originate in the astral body, from different reasons that include concerns and stress. Hence, the work of the Shaman with the plants of power is to help a person to arrive at the root of internal conflict, to heal the soul as well as the physical body of that individual being. The plants of power also allow us to make a trip to our inner self with the help of a Shaman, to reconcile any internal conflict that is influencing our daily lives, even also removing any negative energy.

In this way, we are able to walk as light as a feather on the path of illumination in this short but wonderful life that was given to us by the Great Spirit, God, Great Architect of the Universe, Lord, or as we may call him.  There are those which we may be living separated but Earth was to reunite.  Our work is the physical and spiritual healing with plants of power, helping people find answers to their lives.  We then present you the invitation to participate in our ceremonies with Mother Wilka, Grandmother Ayahuasca, Grandfather San Pedro, and Grandfather Tobacco, as a natural way of expanding our consiousness.


With regards of Universal Love,