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Ayahuasca is a teacher plant with a feminine spirit, known as Grandmother Ayahuasca.  Sometimes we can experience the vision of a young or old woman depending on the age of the plant that has been prepared.  The spirit is in direct relationship with the wisdom of the snake.  Visions of the jaguar or anaconda are common as these are the sacred spirits of the jungle, known to the natives as the Arutam.  Ayahuasca is like big snake that carries the memories of life.  It is known as the vine of the souls and has been used for thousands of years by the people of the Amazon to cure physical, mental, and emotional illness by taking the participants on a journey to altered states of consiousness for healing.  Like all power plants, the healing depends on the willingness of the participants to make the changes shown by the medicine, commitment to healing, and the severity of the disease.  It is also very important that a clean diet is followed whilst using these traditional medicines, to the detox the body.  


Huachuma is a masculine spirit plant, also known as Ahuacoya or San Pedro.  Some people say that the name San Pedro is related to the Apostle Peter, because he holds the keys to the kingdom of heaven.  This plant has been used by the Indians of the Andes of South America for millenia.  The active ingredient is mescaline.  The spirit of the Grandfather Huachuma is very generous.  Like all power plants the journey very much depends on the current life style and state of mind of the people participating.  It is also very important that a clean diet is followed while using this medicine to detoxify the physical body for a true healing of the soul.


Huilka is considered to be the most sacred of all power plants in South America.  During the times of the Incas, Huilka was used as their sacred medicine.  It was used only by the privileged class of the Incas and was not accessible to all people.  This female spirit presents herself as a young mother and has the vitues of curing terminal disease and very strong addictions.  The journey with Huilka offers the chance of rebirth by showing changes that are necessary in the life to become a better person.  During a journey with Huilka, it is very common to see geometric patterns typical of a mathematics lesson, reason being, the spirit of the plant is very precise and strict.  Mama Huilka proposes a commitment to improve all aspects of our lives and this we can experience when we know the essence of the true love.