Sacred Spiritual Journeys in the South of Ecuador



Hana is a woman who started her spiritual past when she was 12 years old. She met the medicine path 8 years ago which turned out to be a life changing experience for her. Inspired her to use and improve her previous experiences into the medicine world. She spent half year in Mexico in the jungle and the desert, then first visited then moved to Ecuador to stay in the jungle with her shuar master. She had been taught and trained to work with Ayahuasca, San pedro, Peyote, Mushrooms and Wilka. 

She is also a Vision Quester and Sun Dancer, member of a mexican organization which intend to protect and keep alive all the traditional life style and wisdom of all the tribes. 

She is a very good helper to transform the medicine experiences into daily life. 


Miguel was born in Cuenca/Ecuador 40 years ago and lives in Vilcabamba-Loja/Ecuador. At the age of 14, Miguel was firts introduced to the world of medicine power plants. At 20 he was offered the opportunity to apprentice with well respected Shamans of Ecuador and Bolivia. He was taught the art fo facilitating Shamanic ceremonies and provide ancient teachings through channeling. Miguel began his work with Huachuma the Grandfather San Pedro. He went  to the jungle to study with the Shuar Shamans and learn about the spirit of the jungle the Grandmother Ayahuasca. Miguel is also master of the rare Sacred Plant Mama Wilka. He was taught about this Sacred Medicines of the Incas by a very old and famous Shaman from Bolivia. Miguel has much expirience with people from all over the world and has been offering his own ceremonies of Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Wilka for the past 17 years. Miguel is well known for the aura cleanings (knowimg is spanish as "limpias").