Katie studied anthropology in the US and came to South America to learn to work with the plant spirits and various ancestral cultural healing practices in Ecuador. She has been profoundly impacted by these mysterious and magical plants and ceremonial techniques surrounding their use, and is excited to assist others on their journey to healing and insight. She is happy to help you with any questions you have about Chakapita and your personal healing process. She cooks healthy vegetarian and vegan meals and can accommodate those who wish to follow the dieta.


Miguel was born in Cuenca, Ecuador forty years ago and lives in Vilcabamba-Loja/Ecuador. At nineteen years old Miguel was introduced to the world of medicine of the sacred plants.  He was offered the opportunity to apprentice with well respected shamans of Ecuador, Chile, and Bolivia and was taught ancient shamanic techniques.  Miguel began his work with Huachuma, Grandfather San Pedro.  He went to the jungle to study with the Shuar Shamans to learn about the spirit of the jungle, Grandmother Ayahuasca. Miguel is also master of the rare sacred plant Mama Huilka. He was taught about this sacred medicine of the Incas by a very old and famous Shaman from Bolivia.  Miguel has much experience with people from around the world and he has been offering his own ceremonies of Ayahuasca, Huachuma, and Huilka for the past twenty-two years.  Before creating Chakapita, he helped to start the first retreat center in Ecuador, Gaia Sagrada, and was their first shaman. Before this for 10 years he provided ceremonies for free to Ecuatorianos. Miguel is well known for the aura cleanings (known in Spanish as Limpias).  Miguel speaks Spanish and English.