• Mama Wilka

    Not many people are familiar with Wilka, so I thought I could shed a little information for people interested in experiencing this magnificent plant. Mama Wilka is a rare and ancient medicine native to the Andes of South America. Wilka (also spelled Huilka or Vilca) means "sacred" in Quechua, which really says a lot - many plants are sacred, however this plant was given the highest credit in simply being called "Sacred." She is a feminine spirit, often perceived as a young mother, and similar to a mother, she teaches us lessons, sometimes in a strict manner. She is very precise, and often visions of exact geometry are seen, similar to a lesson in mathematics. Wilka helps to show us the inner workings of our minds, souls and universe we dwell in. 

    The medicine comes from the seeds of the Wilka tree and are processed into a fine powder which is blown up the nose. The plant contains NN-DMT and 5MEO-DMT, making her quite powerful. The effects last only around one to two hours.

    The experiences vary quite drastically from person to person. In some instances people witness past events in their life in a new way, have realizations about the ways they are treating people in their life, and have insight into their trauma or illness. Sometimes you might meet ancestors, religious figures such as Shiva or Christ, go beyond this earthly existence to realize cosmic consciousness, or see what lies beyond death. Each experience is personal and meets you at whatever point you are in your life, I believe. She is an incredible healer, especially for those with severe illness or addiction. 

    Wilka was revered as the most sacred medicine of the Inkas, and only some were allowed to partake. We are happy to offer this special plant at Chakapita, however it is not for everybody. Look into your heart and see if you feel called to try this plant.